Courage pays off. Always!

Janis McDavid

(* 1991) is a speaker, author and globetrotter. As a speaker, he lights a spark wherever he goes, where dictated ways of thinking have sketched out the path of life for years. The life-changing question he is trying to answer with people from all around the world is:

How do we live our best life?

Together with UNICEF, Janis McDavid has ignited courage within children and adolescents in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Some of the companies, who’s employees and managers appreciate Janis McDavid’s impulse lectures, are BMW, Bosch, Boehringer Ingelheim, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post und Deutsche Bahn, Ergo, HSBC, Merck, KPMG, thyssenkrupp sowie die VP-Bank und Würth.

Interview with Janis McDavid

Courage brings success : Who is Janis McDavid?

Born with no arms or legs, Janis McDavid reveals some very personal insights on why courage, curiosity and a grain of craziness are more important to realize your dreams than any external factors. Fulfilling neither stereotypes nor expectations, is the key strength of his lectures. Humorous and rhetorically brilliant, he inspires directors, executives and employees alike – along with encouraging children and adolescents around the world. No-one will stay untouched by his lectures. That’s his strength!

His book ‘YOUR BEST LIFE – About the courage to exceed yourself and making the impossible possible’ was published 2016 with the Herder Verlag and is also available as an audio book. Janis McDavid is involved as a UNICEF Mutmacher (‘man of action’) and an expert in the German Bundestag as well as a brand ambassador for high-tech companies.

He’s the winner of the International Speaker Slams 2018 in Hamburg and 2019 in New York and has already spoken in more than 320 lectures in front of more than 55.000 people across ten countries.

The rainfall of ignition sparks his words create, burns out every solidified thinking pattern and releases a drive for action. Sustainably.