Frequently asked questions about Janis McDavid's keynotes

Are the presentations suitable for our target group?


You’ll enjoy the certainty that the presentation will suit your target group. Janis McDavid knows how to speak the language of his audience. After more than 340 cross-industry events, he’s able to quickly understand your particular field and the needs of your guests.

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Are our logistical requirements suitable for Janis McDavid?
How would Janis McDavid get to our venue?
Do we need someone on-site to assist Janis McDavid?
Can we also have his books and audio books available at our event?
We need image and text material for our announcements/invitations, and for the press.
What would Janis McDavid like to drink and eat during his time with us?
Are there any visual aspects to the presentation?
What are the technical requirements?
What if Janis McDavid needs an accommodation to stay near the venue?
Can we benefit from Janis McDavid’s social outreach?
We have an international audience. Which languages are possible for the keynotes?